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Q & A About The Music Matters Festival Involving All Elementary Students K-4 Friday
June 2nd,  2023 at 6pm
Agawam School Street Park

What time do the students show up?

If the concert is OUTDOORS - the concert will start at 6pm for both Phelps and Robinson.

If it rains - the concert will be moved to Agawam Junior High and will have two concert times: Robinson 5pm Phelps: 6:45pm

How much does it cost to attend the festival?

The festival is FREE to attend, food will be sold as part of the fundraiser.  All proceeds from food sales will be reinvested in future arts enrichment programs and events.

Who will be in charge of my child at the concert?

CORI checked volunteers and teachers will be supervising your child before they perform. After their performance children dismissed to their parents for the rest of the event.

How do I meet my child after the performance?

Students will be organized by classroom teachers name and number before and after each grade level performs. After students perform parents will get up and meet them back at the sign.

What food will be served at the festival and what is cost?

Meals will be served as part of a meal deal including drinks and dessert for $7.00.  Meals includes pizza or nuggets, apple slices, dessert and a drink.  Tickets will be sold online and at the event.

What if I cannot bring my child to the performance?

Parents must make arrangements with another adult to bring the student. NO CHILD CAN BE DROPPED OFF WITHOUT SOMEONE STAYING THERE WITH THEM!

What if my child cannot make it because of conflict?

It is up to each individual family to decide what is most important for their child. The hope is that families will choose to come to this unique concert experience. Never before has a concert of this scale been put on in Agawam. It will be a night which will move hearts and minds that no one will ever forget.

What should my child wear for the concert?

Something with a summer theme. Please do not go out and buy something special. The most important thing is they are comfortable for the weather and to have fun!

How long will the student performance last?

The event should run until approx 7:30-8pm

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